As the name implies, VT involves the visual observation of the surface of a test object to evaluate the presence of surface discontinuities.  VT inspections may be by Direct Viewing, using line-of sight vision, or may be enhanced with the use of optical instruments such as magnifying glasses, mirrors, borescopes, charge-coupled devices (CCDs) and computer-assisted viewing systems (Remote Viewing).

Syllabus for visual Testing in level l/ll:

  1. Defects types and source in metals
  2. Methods of testing on material
  3. Materials properties
  4. Methods for visual test
  5. Light and its application in visual test
  6. Welding and related defects on weld joints
  7. Standards and acceptance criteria for weld inspections.
  8. Documents need for visual test
  9. Steps for visual inspection
  10. Documentation and visual test reporting.
  11. Review course objects and exam

4  Days Theoretical In-class + assessment day

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