About Us

CITADEL is providing training and certifications programs & services under various accreditations including but not limited to: American society for nondestructive testing (ASNT), American welding society (AWS), American petroleum institute (API), and different painting/coating training and certification programs.

Whether you are looking to gain a better general understanding about a specific management system standard or wish to learn how to audit an organization against the requirements of a standard, citadel academy is here for you. 

Many of our courses are IRCA approved which means receiving a training excellence from competent tutors with industry and subject matter expertise.

CITADEL academy provides a full comprehensive training program to suit the individual needs and requirements of each business.

trainings can be conducted in-house or at our many facilities in the middle east, Europe, USA, Canada, and many other oversea locations.

Your company and you will both benefit from the knowledge and the techniques you learn in our training programs. We know your requirements and we will provide you with what you exactly need.